Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to.
- "You’re not like other girls." Shut the fuck up. (via cutely-perverted)

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Who said Jay only liked white girls?!?!


On the comments on his teaser for “So Good”, a lot of people are making a big deal out of the fact that he has a white girl in his video, even tho in the past, he’s had many different races in his videos.

This is exactly why I never read YT comments and generally stay away from fandoms. Holy bejessus really? It honestly doesn’t matter what the girls in his video’s will look like, there will always be someone complaining that she’s a certain race. Always. It never fails.

ughjksghfdgjkhdone dealing with fans of thingsi was done when it came to deg all those years agoand i'm done with it nowthe best set of fans i've ever met as a whole have been bbcsno lie


me: *praying before dinner* lord let all of the calories i consume from this meal go 2 woo jihos MIA ass so that one day he may be as Thick as his glorious brother, amen 


….how do i lose just one shoe?

the fuck did it go

the fuck took it

only me i supposedamn i really wanted to wear them today

Welcome to Night Vale in ASL

omg yes!this is relevant to my interests
this poster is in my ASL classroomASLamerican sign language
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you gorgeous motherfuckercommander himchan likeshimchan gustatao bbfor meghan

MORE JIHO KISSESsrsly what to i got to do to get those lips on my cheek?shoulda asked for it at the showbut i was too nervous


[VID] 140826 4가지쇼 (4 Things Show) Ep.18 (Zico)

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reblogging for laterzico4 things showvideocause i'm just baking some chickenthen going to bedheadache-y and i have class at 11....i have to shave my legs tooand make ricesogetting up earlyi don't know why i'm saying all this in the tags

[140826] Twitter Jaehyo


오늘 나온 뽀뽀는 진짜.. 빙산의 일각입니다

— 안재효 (@blockbhyo) 26 Août 2014

The kiss that came out today is really.. just the tip of the iceberg

Translation : @.bontheblock

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bahahahajiho kissesjaehyo
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Hyung is pure and innocent, dense… a bit like a bear.
- Jiho about Taewoon (tr cr: pyscho-imnida)

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140826 4 Things Show - Who is Zico? (Zico on himself)

  • Zico: What I gain is honor, money, love, and satisfaction. In return, what I lose is my time with my family, friends, relaxation, and myself, which I find I'm losing slowly day by day. I'm not sure if I'm slowly becoming Zico myself or living my life along with Zico. I have more moments of looking in the camera than I do at myself in the mirror. I often have an existential crisis on if the person on camera is really me or if the person off-camera is the real me. words are gonejihojiho on zicozico on jiho